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Landscape of Dreams: The Gardens of Isabel and Julian Bannerman by Isabel and Julian Bannerman (Paperback) ISBN: 9781910258262

Landscape of Dreams: The Gardens of Isabel and Julian Bannerman by Isabel and Julian Bannerman (Paperback) ISBN: 9781910258262

"A beautifully illustrated and endearing part-biography, part-overview of the thinking behind their work..." - Sunday Times Garden Book of the Year "Character oozes through every pore of the book." - Tim Richardson, Country Life "Gloriously illustrated...displays their touches of genius everywhere. The book is ostensibly about gardens, or garden designs, but it is so much more than that. It's about passion, vision, commitment and entertainment, and it's also a glorious celebration of England." - Sebastian Shakespeare, Tatler "The Bannermans' designs combine monumentality with carefully balanced humour and it's a pleasure to learn how they come to fruition." - The Garden "A record of the grand scale gardens made by these two offbeat visionaries . . . a compelling read." - Mary Keen, Telegraph "Lushly illustrated, beautifully-penned and instructive account of the work of this well-known UK garden design duo." - Irish Times "Inspiring reading." - Evening Standard "I just gorged myself on this magnificent book. Utterly transporting. It's the first gardening book I couldn't put down." - Dominic West "Isabel and Julian Bannerman have turned dreams to ethereal reality time and again. This is a glorious scrapbook-style story of some of their most notable works." - The English Garden "An absolutely magical book. Such brilliant writing, vivid, engaged . . . this is a most potent record of true brilliance." - Anna Pavord "Weavers of garden fairy tales..." - Homes and Gardens "This book, a personal account of the couple's key design projects, builds up a picture, both in words and images, of what this special touch involves." - Gardens Illustrated "Full of wonderful photographs - but do read the writing from the beginning: it's romantic, thoughtful and inspiring." - The Lady "This glorious book is not only beautiful to look at, it is written in wonderfully descriptive language. I found my head filled with ideas as well as thoughts about what gardening is all about." - Reckless Gardener "Packed with sumptuous images of their quirky, stately and inventive British gardens which although largely grand are nonetheless really inspiring." - A Little Bird

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