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    You Know You're Having a Midlife Crisis When...


    Have you taken a sudden liking to bodycon clothing that's three sizes too small? Are you considering a sexier upgrade to your car or even your partner? Try not to panic: it's only a midlife crisis. And besides, attempting to recapture your youth can be a lot of fun! Who said there's anything wrong with growing old disgracefully?

    Mum's Wit and Wisdom: Quips and Quotes for Marvellous Mothers


    When the little angels are driving you crazy and you're one minivan away from being a personal taxi service, these wonderful quips and quotes will help to remind you that being a mum is the best job in the world.

    Dad's Wit and Wisdom: Quips and Quotes for Fantastic Fathers


    When your precious offspring have hijacked the car and there's a hole in your wallet the size of the Grand Canyon, kick back and relax with this hilarious book, crammed full of quips and quotes to remind you why being a dad is the best job in the world.

    The Bumper Book of Jokes: The Ultimate Compendium of Wisecracks, Gags and Howlers for Every Occasion


    If laughter is the best medicine, this colossal compendium is an overdose waiting to happen! With gags grouped into sections ranging from babies and birthdays to marriage and music, there's something for everyone in these jest-packed pages. Side effects may include split sides and a sore jaw.

    52 Things to Do While You Poo: The Sports Edition


    Any true fan knows that the porcelain umpire's chair is an ideal place to put your sporting knowledge to the test. This compendium of fun activities and quiz questions will have you spotting the difference at Wembley, finding a lost helmet at Lord's, and going for gold in Olympic omniscience.

    Middle-Class Hardships: The Struggle Is Real


    Have you ever had to buy cava because the shop's out of champagne? Ever put too much wasabi on your sushi? Or maybe your latest lifestyle post on social media didn't get enough likes? Well, you're not alone. This cheekily illustrated book showcases these and other first-world problems that might find you wincing in self-recognition.

    Simon's Cat: It's a Dog's Life

    A brand new story from the much-loved Simon's Cat as he goes over to the bark side

    Why Steve Was Late: 101 Exceptional Excuses for Terrible Timekeeping

    A new edition of the humour classic that's actually laugh-out-loud funny.

    Must I Repeat Myself...?: Unpublished Letters to the Daily Telegraph

    A year in review made up of the wry and astute observations of the unpublished Telegraph letter writers.

    Be More Cat: Life Lessons from Our Feline Friends

    £7.99 £8.99
    A delightful look at how copying the cats in our lives can make us happier

    A Victorian Lady's Guide to Life

    In this delightful treasury of life lessons, redoubtable Victorian Elspeth Marr provides her enlightenment and advice on all sorts of fundamental topics we face every day.

    Are You a Grumpy Old Git? Quiz Book

    To discover whether you (or your loved ones) possess the grumpy gene, this quiz book has been devised to gauge your reaction to hundreds of different situations. Points are awarded for each answer and your total score indicates where you rate on the grumpy scale.