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    The Happy Traitor: Spies, Lies and Exile in Russia: The Extraordinary Story of George Blake

    Temporarily Out of Stock
    A 'humane and informative' (according to John Le Carre) biography of George Blake, the most notorious double agent in British history. The Happy Traitor is the work of many years' writing, research and unparalleled access, but was embargoed until Blake's death in Moscow in December 2020.

    New Rome: The Roman Empire in the East, AD 395 - 700

    Temporarily Out of Stock
    Three hundred action-packed years of Roman history, encompassing the fall of Rome and the rise of a new empire in the East.

    The Collected Works of Jo Ann Beard

    In Stock
    Jo Ann Beard, one of the most influential writers in America, illuminates the complexities of the human condition in this career-spanning collection


    In Stock
    One hundred murder mystery puzzles to solve for armchair detectives and game lovers

    Blue Water

    In Stock
    The sequel to 2021's critically acclaimed Black Drop, charting the adventures of reluctant spy Laurence Jago at sea.

    How To Be A Renaissance Woman (burke) Hb

    In Stock
    Beauty, make up, art, power: An alternative history of the Renaissance told by the women behind the paintings

    We Could Have Been Friends, My Father And I

    In Stock
    A subtle psychological portrait of the author's relationship with his father during the twentieth-century battle for Palestinian human rights

    Invisible Lines

    In Stock
    A geographer's exploration of the world's unseen boundaries - the divisions we make, find or feel

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