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    Drawing and Painting Botanicals for Artists: How to Create Beautifully Detailed Plant and Flower Illustrations: Volume 4

    Drawing and Painting Botanicals for Artists offers artists at all skill levels a comprehensive survey of drawing and painting mediums and techniques, along with guidance for creating accurate, detailed, and beautiful botanical artworks.

    Hammer, Volume 1: The Ocean Kingdom

    In Hammer, Volume 1, Stud's father has gone on another expedition, leaving him alone to fend for himself. Luckily, he can turn his bare hands into hammers.

    Apple Black, Volume 1 - Rockport Edition: Neo Freedom

    Now from Rockport Publishers and including new content, Apple Black, Volume 1 follows the young sorcerer Sano as he struggles to fulfill his prophesied destiny as savior of the world known as the Trinity.

    Saigami, Volume 1 - Rockport Edition: (Re)Birth by Flame

    Now from Rockport Publishers and including new content, Saigami, Volume 1 introduces the story of Ayumi, a trouble teenager who finds herself in a fantasy land where she has superhuman abilities.

    Oblivion Rouge, Volume 1: The HAKKINEN

    Oblivion Rouge, Volume 1 follows the paths of Oumi and other young Hakkinen soldiers who are on their way to saving their African communities in a dystopian future in which a virus has infected half the population.

    Leonardo's Science Workshop: Invent, Create, and Make STEAM Projects Like a Genius

    The second book in Rockport's Leonardo's Workshop series, Leonardo's Science Workshop explores concepts in science inspired by the multidisciplinary approach of master sculptor, architect, designer, scientist, engineer, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

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