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    The Chinese Conundrum: Engagement or Conflict

    In The Chinese Conundrum, Vince Cable provides an answer to these and many other topical questions of global politics and economy, examining the long history of relationships between China and the West, as well as the change in attitudes on both sides of the divide.


    Part of Sade's The Crimes of Love cycle, this shocking tale - which was among the writings banned for publication until the twentieth century - tests the limits of morality and portrays the disastrous consequences of freedom and pleasure.


    A trenchant satire on consumeristic society Babbitt is the crowning achievement of Sinclair Lewis, winner of the 1930 Nobel Prize in Literature. This edition contains notes and extra material.

    Burmese Days

    Here presented in the version published in Britain in 1944, which follows the text of its first American edition, Burmese Days is George Orwell's debut novel, invaluable both as a faithful description of life in Burma during the twilight of the British Raj and as an expose of the failings of colonial rule.

    The Voyage Out

    Published in 1915 after a long period of gestation and several drafts, The Voyage Out marks Virginia Woolf's debut as a novelist. Perhaps the most accessible of her major works, it is essential both for understanding the early development of her style and for the light it sheds on her own biography and artistic vision.

    The House of Mirth

    Published in 1905 to immediate critical and commercial success, Edith Wharton's enduringly popular novel of manners is a brilliant evocation of the economic and social changes wrought by the Gilded Age, as well as a universal satire on the constraints and follies of upper-crust conventions.

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