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    So That Went Well...: Unpublished Letters to the Daily Telegraph

    New volume of the best-selling review of the year made up of the wry and astute observations of the unpublished Telegraph letter writers.

    Gin & Juice: The Victorian Guide to Parenting

    £4.99 £10.00
    Thanks to this attractive and authoritative compendium, hapless modern-day parents will at last profit from the wisdom of an era when Britain led the world in matters of industry, empire and child-rearing...

    In or Out?: Europe In Cartoons

    £3.99 £8.99
    The ins and outs of Europe through the eyes of leading cartoonist Kipper Williams

    The Mammoth Book Of Weird Records

    £3.99 £9.99
    Too wacky for conventional record books - do not try this at home!

    Cut It Out: Dictators, Despots and Other Badass Hairdos

    £4.99 £9.99
    Cut It Out is a hilarious and irreverent spoof guide to the hairstyles of despots and dictators over the centuries that have determined how we view such despicable individuals.

    The Secret Life of Husbands: Everything You Need to Know About the Man in Your Life

    £3.99 £8.99
    A journey of discovery about the modern-day husband, The Secret Life of Husbands will tell you everything you need to know about the man in your life.

    Something for the Weekend: The Collected Columns of Sir Terry Wogan

    £6.99 £12.99
    A collection of Terry Wogan's best TELEGRAPH columns, with his trademark wry take on life.

    The Best of Matt 2021


    The last twelve months seen through the eyes of the brilliantly funny cartoonist Matt - the perfect Christmas gift.
    'Matt is an Adorable Genius' Jilly Cooper

    Christmas Cracker Jokes

    A hilarious collection of jokes for Christmas and the whole year round!

    Upside-Down Dogs

    £5.99 £12.99
    See man's best friend from a whole new perspective with this charming and hilarious full colour photography book. Filled to the brim with adorable dogs from a huge variety of breeds and backgrounds, Upside-Down Dogs is bound to turn your frown upside-down.

    The Story of a Man Who Wanted to do Housework: Gone is Gone

    Was there ever such a husband? A classic find from the Faber archive and a sure hit on Father's Day! The story of a man who creates more trouble for himself than he could ever have expected, will bring a smile to every dad's face.

    The Unstable Boys: A Novel

    The Unstable Boys is the first novel from legendary rock critic Nick Kent.