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    Big Nate: Nailed It! (peirce) Pb

    Temporarily Out of Stock
    The newest pranks, adventures, and school drama from Big Nate, now an animated series on Paramount+ and Nickelodeon!

    Escape from a Video Game: The Complete Series

    Temporarily Out of Stock
    This box set is the only way to own the complete Escape from a Video Game series plus The Lost Files, an exclusive bonus adventure! Each pick-your-plot story drops young readers into a different video game to defeat monsters, solve mysteries, and outsmart supervillains.

    The Calvin And Hobbes Portable Compendium Set 2

    In Stock
    The second set of books collecting Bill Watterson's timeless Calvin and Hobbes comics in a new portable format designed to introduce the timeless adventures of a boy and his stuffed tiger to a new generation of readers. Featuring nearly 500 comics presented chronologically from March 1987 to July 1988, this is the second set in a planned series of seven.

    Haru Book 1: Spring

    Temporarily Out of Stock
    Haru, a small bird who dreams of flying, and their best friend Yama, a talkative boar, are used to being in the shadows. But when Yama finds a strange artefact that causes sinister effects, the two are swept into an epic journey to destroy the artefact and save the world.

    Kitten Ninja

    In Stock
    Fans of comics, and heartwarming stories-not to mention cats!-will love Kitten Ninja, the origin story of the incredible Cat Ninja!

    Zweihander Fantasy Horror RPG Starter Kit

    In Stock
    Everything you need to play your first role-playing game, set in the fantasy horror world of ZWEIHANDER RPG.

    Bracketivity Kids Pb

    Temporarily Out of Stock
    Fill out brackets by choosing your favorite of each category, 32 times, until you end up with the ultimate winner, like your favorite ice-cream topping, family trip, or even which mythical animal would win in a fight! This is an all-new activity book that's perfect for kids ages 6+.

    150 Happy Facts By The Happy Broadcast (gatti) Pb

    In Stock
    From the creators of the incredibly popular social channel, The Happy Broadcast, comes an illustrated book packed with 150 wholesome, positive facts for kids to learn from and enjoy.

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