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    Design Innovation and Integration

    Design Innovation and Integration is more than just a toolkit; it is a guidebook for the industry leaders of tomorrow, providing a holistic understanding of the approaches, practices and tools required to integrate design strategically within an organisation.

    My Icon Library: Build & Expand Your Own Visual Vocabulary

    My Icon Library is an essential collection of impactful images that will empower you to embark on your own journey of visual thinking and storytelling. The collection consist of the most common, interesting, weird and wonderful concepts created during the author's visual thinking workshops.

    Offline Matters Cards: Truth or Dare?: A Tool for Less-Digital Creativity

    £12.99 £13.99
    Following the publication of Offline Matters: The Less-Digital Guide to Creative Work come the first two decks of the Offline Matters Cards series: Truth or Dare?. Like the much-loved classic game of Truth or Dare?, these tools are designed to challenge creative minds into unfamiliar places of thinking.

    Creative Thinker's Rethink Book: 52 Exercises to Train Your Ability to See Connections Others Don't

    Highly creative thinkers are good at seeing connections. By enhancing your ability to see connections, you can enhance your creativity. Based on this observation, a solid theory and the latest neuroscience, this exercise book is for people who want to become better creative thinkers.

    Graphic: the Story: Issue 9

    £8.99 £19.99

    Graphic 11

    £4.99 £19.99

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