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    Level Up Level 3 Workbook with Online Resources and My Home Booklet

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    £4.99 £24.19
    Level Up builds all the skills students need to face life, learning and assessment with confidence.

    Financial Assets, Debt and Liquidity Crises: A Keynesian Approach

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    £30.00 £98.00
    The current financial crisis has led to a renewed interest in Keynesian economic models because they allow for a stronger relationship between the financial sector and the 'real' economy. This book shows how we can extend the Keynesian approach to explain a variety of phenomena related to the current crisis.

    Economic Reform in India: Challenges, Prospects, and Lessons

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    £30.00 £98.00
    These essays are written by leading economists working on the Indian economy. They emphasize the importance of policies and institutions for growth and poverty reduction, stressing that the success of sector-specific policies is dependent on the nature of markets and the functioning of institutions including those charged with regulating critical sectors.

    Moderate and Deep Sedation in Clinical Practice

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    £19.99 £43.99
    Procedures requiring sedation are increasingly performed outside of the operating room, without an anesthesiologist, by non-anesthesiologist physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses. Moderate and Deep Sedation in Clinical Practice covers everything you need to know to perform these procedures safely. Essential for all medical and surgical professionals involved in sedating patients.

    Xenotransplantation and Risk: Regulating a Developing Biotechnology

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    £30.00 £76.99
    Sara Fovargue explores the law's ability to protect people from the risk posed by xenotransplantation (cross-species transplantation). By exploring regulatory approaches to biotechnologies in the UK and elsewhere, she highlights how such biotechnologies challenge existing legal and ethical norms and how this influences their regulation.

    Opening Markets for Trade in Services: Countries and Sectors in Bilateral and WTO Negotiations

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    £30.00 £104.00
    Trade in services figures prominently in multilateral, regional and bilateral trade negotiations. In this volume of essays, academics, negotiators and experts from various international organizations explore the achievements of such negotiations, together with the challenges and opportunities which arise and the motivations that come into play in such negotiations.

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