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    Know Your Sheep

    Presents the 41 breeds of sheep you are most likely to encounter on farms, each with a full-page photo and a description of their appearance, history and uses.

    Know Your Pigs

    Did you know that pigs are smarter than your average 3 year-old? Discover interesting facts about 29 different breeds, each accompanied by a description of the pig's appearance, history and breeding, and details of its personality.

    Know Your Pollinators

    Did you know a honeybee visits about 50 to 100 flowers during each nectar-collection trip? You'll discover loads of interesting facts about 35 common pollinating insects - from ladybugs, moths, and beetles to bees, wasps, flies, and butterflies - including appearance, history and breeding, and details of how to attract them to your garden.

    Know Your Cows

    Did you know that Bad-Tempered Bradford Cattle are used for rodeos? Impress friends and relatives with interesting facts about 45 breeds of cattle, including their appearance, personality, history, breeding, milk-producing capabilities, and other fun facts

    Know Your Tractors

    Shows the tractors carrying out a wide range of tasks. This book explains what is going on in the pictures. It includes some basic technical specifications such as power outputs so that the reader can compare different tractors and have an idea of the size and capability of each. It presents 41 tractors chosen come from 25 marques.

    Know Your Rare Breeds

    In this new book Jack draws our attention to 44 breeds in need of protection. They are all native to the UK and most of the breeds featured have less than 1,000 breeding females remaining. Following the style of his previous book, Jack's concise texts explain each breed's history, appearance and uses today.

    Know Your Chickens

    Did you know that the Appenzeller Chicken can climb trees? Discover fun fowl facts, and get acquainted with 44 breeds, each accompanied by a description of the bird's appearance, its history and breeding, and details of its personality, egg-laying, and flying abilities.

    Self-Sufficiency: Spinning, Dyeing & Weaving: Essential Guide for Beginners


    In this comprehensive book, an expert textile arts instructor reveals everything readers need to know to spin, dye, and weave their own fabrics.

    Tales From the Farm by the Yorkshire Shepherdess

    A charming, evocative collection of Amanda Owen's columns in The Dalesman magazine, describing life on the farm for her family.

    Field Work: What Land Does to People & What People Do to Land

    What does it take to make a living from the land in modern Britain?

    My Farming Life: Tales from a shepherdess on a remote Northumberland farm

    The heartwarming story of the ups and downs of life on a farm, from much-loved shepherdess Emma Gray

    Self-Sufficiency: Soap Making with Natural Ingredients

    Our skin is our largest organ. We often think about how the things we put into our body affect us, but how much time do we take to consider how the things we put onto our body affect us? This timely book is packed full of helpful advice about how to make your own luxurious and beautiful soaps at home, using only the best natural ingredients.

    Farms - Non-Fiction and Reference