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    Sunny-Side Up


    Bestselling author Jacky Davis and award-winning illustrator Fiona Woodcock celebrate family, love, and imagination in this vibrant and expressive picture book.

    Think Black: A Memoir



    Then mother robin lays four beautiful blue eggs and will keep the eggs warm in the nest until they hatch into four baby robins.

    The father robin protects the babies until they can fly on their own.

    Hear Yourself: How to Find Peace in a Noisy World

    Hear Yourself gives the gift of peace and gratitude in a time we sorely need it."-Ian Morgan Cron, author of The Story of You and co-author of The Road Back to You

    "Hear Yourself invites us to take a journey from the outside world we live in everyday to the world of peace within us.


    As the pressure mounts, Aiza realizes that the "greater good" that Bayt-Sajji's military promises might not include her, and that the recruits might be in greater danger than she ever imagined.

    In this breathtaking and timely story, Aiza will have to choose, once and for all: loyalty to her heart and heritage, or loyalty to the Empire.

    Warriors Manga 3-Book Full-Color Box Set: Graystripe's Adventure; Ravenpaw's Path, SkyClan and the Stranger


    Don't miss these Warriors manga adventures!

    This manga box set contains three full-color manga paperbacks from the #1 bestselling Warriors series: Graystripe's Adventure, Ravenpaw's Path, and SkyClan and the Stranger.

    HarperCollins Publishers Inc