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    Myths, Legends and the Unexplained

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    Arthurian Myths

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    This latest addition to our successful series offers a new selection of myths, featuring Arthur's knights of the round table, his love for Queen Guinevere and, of course, the ultimate betrayal by his friend, and most trusted knight, Sir Launcelot. All awaken the magical and exciting world of King Arthur.

    Wooden: Avebury

    In Stock
    Avebury is the largest stone circle on Earth! Silbury Hill is as old as the Great Pyramid! Packed with rare old engravings and great new research this timeless pocket guide to Europe's most extensive neolithic complex will leave you informed, intrigued and inspired!

    Wooden: Sacred Springs

    In Stock
    The Ultimate Pocket Guide.

    The Mammoth Book of Superstition

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    £3.99 £12.99
    An amusingly entertaining exploration of omens, rituals, premonitions and general superstition in every part of the world

    The Odyssey Graphic Novel

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    Wooden: Leys

    In Stock
    Danny Sullivan was editor of the renowned Ley Hunter magazine. Here he introduces the complex subject of Ley lines, giving examples from around the world, including many from the British Isles, where this psychic science has been practiced by wizards for a very long time.

    Wooden: Crop Circles

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    This small volume, by architect, inventor and world-famous crop circle commentator Michael Glickman, tells the central tale of the evolution of design and form within this beautiful and quintessentially British mystery.

    A Brief History of the Knights Templar

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    £5.99 £10.99
    This fully updated edition is recognised as the most comprehensive history of the Knights Templar

    The Watkins Book of English Folktales

    In Stock
    With a foreword by Neil Gaiman, this comprehensive, entertaining and authentic collection of English folktales is perfect for fans of Madeline Miller, Philip Pullman and the Brothers Grimm.

    Beowulf: The Legend of a Hero

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    £4.99 £12.99
    The epic Anglo-Saxon legend is brilliantly recreated by an award-winning author/illustrator team.

    Mythology: A Visual Encyclopedia

    In Stock
    £14.99 £29.95

    Arthur The King I: Lancelot

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    £3.99 £14.99
    The fourth book in Jack Whyte's remarkable, authentic Legends of Camelot series, now available in the UK

    Myths, Legends and the Unexplained