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    Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet

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    Walking in the Woods: Go back to nature with the Japanese way of shinrin-yoku

    Temporarily Out of Stock
    £6.99 £9.99
    Nature meets modern science in this insightful book about the healing power of trees

    Grow Easy: Organic crops for pots and small plots

    Temporarily Out of Stock
    £9.99 £20.00
    Rising star of the organic GYO scene, Anna Greenland, presents her top 30 crops to grow in containers or a small raised bed, and provides all the information you need to make sure they flourish.

    The Twins of Auschwitz: The inspiring true story of a young girl surviving Mengele's hell

    In Stock
    £4.99 £8.99
    The heart-breaking and inspiring memoir of a 10-year-old Auschwitz twin.

    The Stable Boy of Auschwitz

    In Stock
    £4.99 £8.99
    Henry Oster was just five years old when Adolf Hitler took power in 1933. One of the 2,011 Jews who were rounded up by the Gestapo and deported from Cologne, he was one of only 23 to emerge alive from the concentration camps after the war.

    Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book 2023

    Temporarily Out of Stock
    The brand new edition of the unrivalled and bestselling annual, Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book.

    RHS How Can I Help Hedgehogs?: A Gardener's Collection of Inspiring Ideas for Welcoming Wildlife

    In Stock
    More than 100 ideas from the RHS to help you make your garden a haven for wildlife.

    RHS Do Bees Need Weeds: A Gardener's Collection of Handy Hints for Greener Gardening

    In Stock
    £7.99 £14.99
    With the latest title in this bestselling series, discover more than 100 ideas from the RHS to help you become an eco-friendly gardener.

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