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    The The Tooth Fairy: and the Magical Journey

    The second title in this modern-day Tooth Fairy adventure.

    Adorable Animals Around The World

    A collection of the cutest baby animals, all from unusual species with fun facts that young readers will enjoy discovering for the very first time.

    Marney's Pumpkin Mix-Up

    When Marney the headstrong squirrel spots the BIGGEST pumpkin in the bushes across the park, he doesn't want to waste his time working with the other squirrels to gather nuts and acorns. He doesn't even listen to Riley the hedgehog, who tries to warn him that things may not be as they seem.

    We're Off To Find A Fairy



    Written by an IVF mum, this simple story celebrates the many ways babies come into families, adoption, surrogacy, IVF, donation, fertility, premature babies, twins and triplets. The next time you look up at the night sky, look really hard; you might be lucky enough to see the sparkling metal planet with all its robots and all their robo-babies.

    Marney's Mix-Up

    A funny story of silly squirrels. Marney is a grey squirrel who is having a hard time finding his winter food. When a red squirrel tries to help Marney is afraid of this strange new creature. A 'silly squirrel story' that shines a light on how easily we can misjudge others, when our similarities may be greater than our differences.

    Storm In A Jar

    A story that encourages children to talk about bereavement but also feelings around anger and how to embrace, release and manage them. With Inclusive representation including BAME lead character with hearing aid and step-parents.

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