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    Finn's Garden Friends

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    Nature loving Finn's life has been turned upside down by a move to the city. But Grandpa has a surprise for him! By taking Finn to his allotment, he learns that nature is right there in the city, as he begins to take care of a hedgehog and befriends a fox.

    The Happy Hedgerow

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    An Old Oak stands amid his own beloved hedgerow on the edge of a field. When the farmer gets rid of his friend Beech's hedgerow, the Old Oak watches sadly as it is destroyed. But hope is returned when a new farmer comes to plant fresh saplings. Engendering affection for our hedgerows, this unique tale is rich in abundant details of flora and fauna.

    Mia Makes a Meadow

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    Mia loves all things messy and muddy. Erik likes things spick-and-span and spotless. Together they enjoy their shared garden. But when Mia is left to tend the garden without Erik, nature starts taking over in no time at all! Will he like the wild meadow that has replaced his lawn? With pollinators and wildflowers, join Mia as she makes a meadow!

    Old Oak and Little Acorn

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    Strong Old Oak is a haven for all creatures in his magnificent hedgerow. In this, his mast year, he has one little acorn that is very dear to him. When he is carried off by a squirrel, Little Acorn must survive the perils of hungry deer and curious walkers. A brave little sapling emerges in this tale of regeneration, growth and the cycle of life.

    Pikku Publishing