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    A Universe From Nothing

    A provocative account of the astounding new answers to the most basic philosophical questions: where did the universe come from and how will it end?

    The Social Brain: How Diversity Made The Modern Mind

    £5.99 £9.99
    A popular psychology title from a respected social psychologist that argues how diversity has been important throughout the development of civilisation and why it is vital for our future.

    An Anthropologist on Mars

    £4.99 £9.99
    From the bestselling author of Awakenings, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Musicophilia.

    The Epigenetics Revolution: How Modern Biology is Rewriting our Understanding of Genetics, Disease and Inheritance

    £4.99 £10.99
    At the beginning of this century enormous progress had been made in genetics. The Human Genome Project finished sequencing human DNA. It seemed it was only a matter of time until we had all the answers to the secrets of life on this planet.

    I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life

    £4.99 £10.99
    I Contain Multitudes is science journalism at its best' Bill Gates


    £4.99 £10.99
    The bestselling author of The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Musicophilia.

    The Act of Living: What the Great Psychologists Can Teach Us About Surviving Discontent in an Age of Anxiety

    £6.99 £10.99
    An highly original account of psychology through the discipline's great practitioners ( Freud, Jung etc) and their thoughts. It functions both as narrative and by extension a sophisticated self-help book. To be compared with Sarah Bakewell's How to Live and Alain de Botton's The Consolations of Philosophy

    Astrobiology: The Search for Life Elsewhere in the Universe

    £4.99 £8.99
    Are we alone in the Universe, or are there as many planets supporting life as there are stars in the sky?

    Gravitational Waves: How Einstein's spacetime ripples reveal the secrets of the universe

    £4.99 £9.99

    On 14 September 2015, after 50 years of searching, gravitational waves were detected for the first time and astronomy changed for ever.

    Hivemind: The New Science of Tribalism in Our Divided World

    The provocative exploration of how social media is changing human behaviour and how we can use it to humanity's advantage

    Introducing Psychology: A Graphic Guide

    £3.99 £8.99
    What is psychology? When did it begin? Where did it come from? How does psychology compare with related subjects such as psychiatry and psychotherapy? To what extent is it scientific? This book aims to answer these questions and more, explaining the subject. It describes the "schools" of thought and the sections within psychology.

    The Graphene Revolution: The weird science of the ultra-thin

    £4.99 £9.99
    Welcome to the wonderful world of graphene, the thinnest substance known to science

    Science and Mathematics