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    Professor Astro Cat's Solar System

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    Young readers can discover the wonders of our solar system as they travel to each of the planets in turn, accompanied by interesting, easy to comprehend facts and modern, exciting visuals.

    Apollo Remastered: The Sunday Times Bestseller

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    Gravitational Waves

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    £4.99 £9.99

    On 14 September 2015, after 50 years of searching, gravitational waves were detected for the first time and astronomy changed for ever.

    The Small and Mighty Book of Space

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    Filled with facts on everything from the planets in the solar system to the number of stars in our galaxy. With original illustrations and infographics.

    Beyond: The Astonishing Story of the First Human to Leave Our Planet and Journey into Space

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    'Thrilling ... High-definition history: tight, thrilling and beautifully researched' SUNDAY TIMES

    'This book is a triumph' DAN SNOW

    Planetarium (Junior Edition)

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    Welcome to Planetarium. This museum is open all hours. It houses an incredible collection of astronomical objects, from small, icy moons to huge swirling galaxies. So how big is the Universe? How did it begin and what mysteries does it hold? With specially written text for younger readers, step inside to explore the Universe in all its glory.

    Here Comes the Sun: How it feeds us, kills us, heals us and makes us what we are

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    £9.99 £20.00
    A fascinating and illuminating look at the sun and our relationships to it, from one of our greatest science writers.

    100 Facts Space

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    £2.99 £5.99

    100 Facts Space PB Pocket Edition

    In Stock

    Meteorite: The Stones From Outer Space That Made Our World

    In Stock
    'Drawing on his deep technical education and boundless curiosity, Tim Gregory brings a childlike wonder of discovery to everything he sees. He shows an uncanny ability to swiftly understand, to clearly explain, and to be joyful in the process. His scientific delight is contagious' Chris Hadfield

    Space Race: The Battle to Rule the Heavens

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    From the author of 'Seven Wonders of the Industrial World', the paperback edition of the TV tie-in charting the shocking but true story behind the space race - and the ruthless, brilliant scientists who fuelled it.

    Space and Astronomy