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    Digging for Richard III: The Search for the Lost King

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    Take a cast of archaeologists and historians who inhabit different worlds. Add a medieval king who died in battle, and was revived by Shakespeare as the ultimate anti-hero. Throw in a forensic quest with almost unbelievable twists, and a theatrical modern burial with no parallel, and you have the material for an irresistible story for our times.

    Big Art / Small Art

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    £16.99 £29.95
    Bestselling author Tristan Manco explores the many exciting new ways in which scale is being taken to new extremes in art.

    The Big Book Of Nature Art (zommer) Hb

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    Remarkable Plants (bynum) Hb

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    Glow: The Wild Wonders Of Bioluminescence

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    Pirate: The Buccaneer's (Unofficial) Manual

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    A witty, informative and highly entertaining guide to how to be a pirate, combining historical accuracy with a humorous eye in an irreverent but revealing look at the world of piracy and buccaneering.

    Remarkable Trees

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