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    Interesting Insects

    Interesting Insects presents striking and surprisingly photogenic insect portraits, each specially selected from the oldest and most important entomology collection in the world - 34 million specimens held by London's Natural History Museum.

    The girl who really, really, really loves Nature

    A charmingly illustrated and educational picture book for all young children who love the outdoors.

    Otherworlds: Visions of Our Solar System

    A visual journey of awe-inspiring beauty from planet Earth to the other planets in our Solar System. Michael Benson uses the black-and-white raw frames sent back by spacecraft to create groundbreaking artworks that capture planetary landscapes as they might look if humans could visit them and view them with their own eyes.

    Weather - A Force of Nature: Spectacular images from Weather Photographer of the Year

    A collection of powerful and dramatic images of weather phenomena from around the world. Each image is taken from the acclaimed annual competition held by The Royal Meteorological Society.

    Images from Nature

    Presenting a selection of 70 works of art from The Natural History Museum's collection, this book introduces some of these little known works to a wider audience as the collections are rarely exhibited. The images show how the animal, mineral and plant worlds have been depicted since the 1700s.

    Natural History Museum Dinosaur Dot-to-dot

    £2.99 £4.99
    A fun activity book suitable for children. It helps them discover dinosaurs by drawing them. A maximum of 50 numbered dots make up each drawing and simple text highlights things to look for, count and learn.

    Extraordinary Orchids

    The weird and wonderful lifestyle of orchids, the most diverse and widespread of plant families, featuring stunning artwork by the Bauers, Sydney Parkinson, Arthur Church and more.

    Earth's Restless Surface

    £6.95 £9.99
    The surface of the Earth is and always has been in flux, constantly being remodelled by powerful natural forces. This text explores the processes and evidence of change, explaining how to recognize past events in the rocks, and guiding through geological time to recreate past landscapes.

    The Natural History Museum