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    Know Your Pollinators

    Did you know a honeybee visits about 50 to 100 flowers during each nectar-collection trip? You'll discover loads of interesting facts about 35 common pollinating insects - from ladybugs, moths, and beetles to bees, wasps, flies, and butterflies - including appearance, history and breeding, and details of how to attract them to your garden.

    Kew Pocketbooks: Fungi

    Neither plants nor animals, and only showing themselves to us in nature through bodies that produce spores, fungi are weird and wonderful. These extraordinary life-forms are celebrated in this new Kew Pocketbook, with 40 paintings of mushrooms, toadstools, puffballs and more.

    The The Living Garden

    £10.99 £25.00
    The Living Garden shows how managing an outdoor space in an environmentally friendly manner can produce a garden that is not only friendly to wildlife but also beautiful and labour saving.

    RSPB My First Book of Garden Birds

    A picture book about garden birds that will appeal to families with young children. Each bird is introduced on a right-hand page in an illustration where it is partly obscured or turned away from the viewer. The text gives some clues and invites readers to guess the bird's identity. The reader then turns the page to find out more.

    Collins Beekeeper's Bible: Bees, honey, recipes and other home uses


    The most comprehensive beekeeping resource ever published.

    Garden Birds (Collins New Naturalist Library, Book 140)


    Gardens make a significant contribution to the amount of urban green space and are the main contributors to urban biodiversity. Birds are one of the most visible components of this urban biodiversity, and many of us enjoy attracting wild birds into our gardens.

    Birdwatcher's Garden

    The most regular contact many people have with wildlife is the pleasure of watching birds in the garden. This title details the principles of sympathetic gardening, discussing how best to enhance local habitats, whether in cities, suburbs, a village or rural setting. It also contains a chapter on the particular concerns of small gardens.



    Planting for Garden Birds: A Grower's Guide to Creating a Bird-Friendly Habitat

    A gardening guide to encourage more birdlife to your green spaces

    Wildlife Gardening