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    What is an Archaeologist? (L3) (National Geographic Readers)

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    In this Level 3 reader, learn all about how archaeologists unearth history, from Egyptian pyramids to Incan roads, and everything in between.

    How Everything Works

    In Stock
    Featuring the stunning illustrations of James Gulliver Hancock, Lonely Planet Kids' How Everything Works will take a close-up look at the world around us to examine well-known, everyday environments and reveal how all the various objects and machines found there operate. Lift-the-flaps to discover how the ordinary can become extraordinary!

    An Engineer Like Me

    In Stock
    Discover how planes stay up in the air and roller coasters do loop-the-loops in this brilliant picture book designed to unlock a love of engineering - written by engineer and TV presenter Dr Shini Somara.

    Horrible Histories: Cruel Kings and Mean Queens

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    Readers can discover all the foul facts about CRUEL KINGS AND MEAN QUEENS, including which king died after falling off the toilet, why people thought King John was a werewolf and why Queen Anne's feet were covered in garlic. With a striking newspaper look throughout!

    Full of Life: Exploring Earth's Biodiversity

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    Science meets design in this graphically stunning introductory tour of Earth's amazing biodiversity

    Around the World in 80 Inventions

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    80 inventions from around the world

    This Book Thinks You're an Inventor

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    A creative fill-in book conceived with the Science Museum to encourage children to think like an inventor by questioning everything and dreaming up new ideas.

    Experiment with Engineering

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    In Experiment with Engineering, you can take science out of the lab and into your home with this book of fun and engineering experiments to try!

    Children's Non-Fiction and Reference