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    £15.00 £30.00

    A beautiful, richly illustrated book on Europe's wild orchids - perhaps the most enigmatic and popular group in the botanical world.

    Grow Your Own, Eat Your Own

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    £8.99 £15.99
    This book is about how to make the best use of your highly nutritious, home-grown produce.

    Orchid Basics

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    £4.99 £6.99
    Found in nearly every climatic condition in the world and consisting of some 25,000 to 30,000 species, orchids are one of the largest groups of flowering plants.

    The The Living Garden

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    £10.99 £25.00
    The Living Garden shows how managing an outdoor space in an environmentally friendly manner can produce a garden that is not only friendly to wildlife but also beautiful and labour saving.

    Garden Plants of the World

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    £14.99 £19.99
    Designed to aid in the identification of over 4250 cultivated trees, shrubs and climbers of the world, this reference guide provides easy-to-access photographic information on a vast range of popular garden plants.

    Royal Gardens of the World

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    £20.00 £35.00
    History and horticulture in 21 of the world's best royal gardens

    Attracting Butterflies To Your Garden

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    £6.99 £14.99
    Includes a directory of plants and a bonus chapter on photographing butterflies. This title brings together the information you will need to encourage garden butterflies in temperate countries.

    The Green Mantle

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    £1.99 £20.00
    Learn the story of plants and the development of human civilisation. This book covers an extensive subject area - from sacred mushrooms to GM crops, from the religions of the seasons and harvest to the hobby of gardening - and conveys both the mysterious and the practical in an accessible style.

    Bargain - Lifestyle and Gardening