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    The Squash and Pumpkin Cookbook: Gourd-geous recipes to celebrate these versatile vegetables


    Wholesome and healthy recipes that are totally #squashgoals!

    Squashes and pumpkins are the versatile vegetables that not only pack a flavour punch, but are also oh so good for you.

    Eat Better the Easy Way: Transform your health with plant-packed recipes and simple science

    Make small changes to your diet and slash your risk of developing the biggest diseases to affect the Western world, with delicious, filling recipes from bestselling author James Wong.

    101 Chillies to Try Before You Die

    £4.99 £10.00
    Dare to take on some serious spice with 101 Chilies to Try Before You Die - if you think you can handle it.

    Vegan Roasting Pan: Let Your Oven Do the Hard Work for You, With 70 Simple One-Pan Recipes

    Let your oven do the hard work for you, with 70 simple, one-tin recipes

    How To Go Vegan: The why, the how, and everything you need to make going vegan easy


    A new edition of How to Go Vegan -- updated for Veganuary 2022.
    A short guide to going vegan - the why, the what and the how.

    Cranks Recipe Book: The Vegetarian Classics

    £6.99 £9.99
    THE classic vegetarian cookbook, reissued for a new generation.

    Veggin' Out: 100 recipes to mimic meat and dish up more plants

    Vegging Out is Jasmine Cassells guide to the plant based diet - drawing on her experience as a plant-based nutritionist, Jasmine teaches you how to add variety to the classic meat-fille meals we know and love. With over 100 recipes to spark inspiration, from plant based burgers and roast dinners to sweet treats and party food.

    The Green Rocket Cookbook: Vibrant vegan recipes that put flavour first

    The Green Rocket Cookbook is a treasure trove of more than 80 tried and tested vegan recipes that have been developed with flavour at their core. Whether you follow a plant-based diet or not, this book is packed with flavourful food that will surprise and delight.

    Feed Me Vegan: For All Occasions: From quick and easy meals to stunning feasts, the new cookbook from bestselling vegan author Lucy Watson

    £6.99 £18.99
    Veganism is NOT a chore, and this second book of delicious and inspiring vegan recipes from Lucy Watson is here to prove that!

    Vegan Before 6: lose weight and restore your health with the flexible diet you can really stick to

    £6.99 £14.99
    The best-selling author and popular New York Times columnist gives us his innovative and easy diet plan, complete with recipes - by eating vegan every day before 6:00pm, you can lose weight and dramatically improve your health.

    Grow Your Own, Eat Your Own

    £8.99 £15.99
    This book is about how to make the best use of your highly nutritious, home-grown produce.

    Vegetables, Vegetarian and Vegan